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Congradulations! just so you know, morning sickness is just the name its given because its generally worse in the AM, but its not restricted to that time frame. my wife had it all day and all night with our second set of twins.

the discomfort is because her body is beginning to adjust itself to carry the baby. ligaments are going to stretch and the skin will too. not a pleasant feeling im sure.

Most women feel too ill in the beginning stages to be intimate, but generally, the libido comes back twice what it was after a bit. i cant remember the exact time frame, but its a common thing during pregnancy. its actually likely that you will have trouble keeping up when it hits... and then, if you dont act completely enthused with the idea of intimacy, be prepared for the lowest point of that emotional roller coaster.

Babies will change who you are, especially daughters. I remember I had plans of turning my son into a little lady killin pimp...and then my first child was a girl. all of a sudden, i didnt trust anything with a wang. even now that i have two sons and four daughters, i make sure that my boys understand how to respect women, and dont see them objectively.

Once the baby comes, be prepared to lose some sleep in the beginning. Our first we spent like two months not sleeping until she finally started sleeping all night. With the rest of our kids, we learned that crying doesnt cause pain or death, so they were sleeping through the night within the first month.

Good luck and have fun with it. I still stand back sometimes and freak out when i realize that i am responsible for the lives of 6 human beings, and that its my job to be the best father possible so they grow up into GREAT human beings.
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