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Default 2001 Chevy 3500HD CC dually 4X4 Build thread.

My brother picked up this truck as is with only 70k miles on it for $6k. I'll post more details about it later as well as updates as the project comes along. Right now the plan is do go with the 05-07 replacement parts and aftermarket hood and a 6-9" inch lift to go with it!

There are a lot of mods that came with this truck and the previous owner was meticulous with it. It's unfortunate that the people pulled out in front of them. All I know is that they went to the hospital. I won't tell you what the original owner said about that but fortunately for my brother, he get's a go with this truck.

Here is a photo that we took just after getting it into his shop. It took the bobcat to get it shoved in there.

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