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I think it just comes down to starting to look at trucks in your area to see what you like.

We've given you some good info, now it's time to look and test drive.

That being said, I doubt you will need a dually unless you find a good deal on one. I've pulled a lot of weight with SRW trucks and never even thought about the need for a DRW truck.

The only time you really need a DRW if you were going to have a lot of payload on the truck and then it will come in handy if you were also towing in addition to whatever goes in the bed.

For instance, I own a Landscape company and have a 2014 3500HD Duramax that is DRW. It's really nice having the dual rear wheels in combination to the extended axle. This really makes hauling a heavy load resulting with good stability. Sometimes I have a 8-10k lb load in the bed and it does it effortlessly.

I would also consider a dually if you were considering a goose neck trailer with a heavy tongue weight. If you were going to have a heavy tongue, I'd rather have it over the axle than on the hitch on the back of the truck.

Hopefully, you find this info useful.
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