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It usually starts on the passenger rear, something about it being farthest away from the master cylinder... I dont know, but it works its way around ha ha. The pistons inside the brake calipers seize, this sticks the calipers closed and effs up your rotors/pads if you keep driving. luckily on the front you can feel it constantly pull left or right. its tougher to notice on the rear. If it stays stuck itll heat up the rotors and warp them, all while eating up your pads.

It started with my passenger rear, then to my driver front, and finally my passenger front. So far in the 1.5 years of owning my SD Ive done pads and rotors all around, 1 caliper bracket (seized slider pin) and the 3 calipers. just over a grand in parts. though I did upgrade to all EBC high performance stuff meant for heavy towing, so it would probably have been a little less if I went OEM. The same thing happened on my dads 02 PSD, hes done 2 calipers in the last year. mine has 12*,*** and his has almost 190k.

2001 f350 Lariat 4x4 7.3, 3.5 inch
leveling kit, 4 inch turbo back straight pipe with black 5 inch turndown tip, 315/75/16 BFG at's, 05 harley heads, gauges, DP tuner 60 economy 80 towing 120 racing, WAAG frontrunner bumper guard....

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