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Originally Posted by Big'un View Post
He dont have many good ideas lol
Ummm I guess that's better than you. This guy ^^don't have any good ideas...if you don't believe me look at that fender trim he just put on

Originally Posted by 01 D_Max View Post
Who's Idea was this site? Yours or His? It was a fantastic IDEA.
I got a dodge and shook up the FFS forum. I wanted a place where all trucks could meet. Dustin gets board quick and just wanted to start something else. I let him in on MY idea. I let him be admin over here. He knows who in command. Shaggy had a couple empty platforms and we filled them. It's like a whopping $15 a month for server time. The money is nothing. No one makes any money. This is just for fun.

Originally Posted by Big'un View Post
I mentioned it , then next thing i know he texts me and said we are gettin a forum lol

Not exactly nn. But it's your lie tell it how you want
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