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Originally Posted by Stroked68 View Post
Man that would be so fun! Long road trip for me damn it. I think it would be great to have a big get together will all the people on this forum. Like meet in the middle somewhere or somethin.

I love this forum cause people arnt battling over whos truck is better or "my truck can smoke yours" kind of stuff. Some get way too into whos truck or what brand is better. Now if someone starts s*** talkin on my truck, hell yea Im gonna start somethin haha. But that doesnt happen here and like it here. I do some lookin around before I join a forum to make sure there arnt alot of arrogant jerks on there.
i like your thinkin. the motorcycle forum i'm part of (it's like a small family there) does annual meets RMS (rockie mountain sabre's), EMW (easy meets west) this is normally somewhere in Arkansas or Colorado most of the time switching back and forth every year, BRR (blue ridge ride), and we do 3-5 mod weekends every year where someone volunteers their house (normally on with a garage) and people within a few hours of the house bring the parts and bikes (or even trucks and cars) and we spend all weekend installin mods and drinkin. it's a good ole time and i think it would fit in well here
tell me what ya'll think
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