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Originally Posted by 01 D_Max View Post
While you have that front clip off replace the water pump with a welded gear style. The harmonic balancer has to come off to get the water pump off. It's a pain to replace it with the front clip on. Lisle sells a kit for holding the flywheel and it comes with the socket for the harmonic balancer. When the balancer comes off inspect the pin on the shaft to ensure it wont sheer later.

Also remove the crankshaft position sensor (Bottom passenger side of the motor) and check the reluctor gear for any play. Now is the time to inspect it because you can see it easily. Probably no issue with it but it's worth the 5 minutes to inspect it because of the front end collision.

And finally, the plastic part by the alternator that broke was the PCV.

It's nice to be part of a forum where people know about these trucks!

If my brother and I weren't the bull in the china shop type, it would have been nice to have that tool for the harmonic balancer removal. We just took the starter off and was able to stop the flywheel from turning.

The one thing we didn't rush into reinstalling is the front seal. The diesel tech at the Chevy dealership said that he just hammers the new ones on. They make a special tool that slides into the shaft that allows the seal to be slid on in perfect alignment without screwing it up! We got the tool for this because you wouldn't know otherwise until you started it up!

New water pump and the sensor was jacked!

Here is the new frame under the truck with new motor mounts too!

Here is a photo with the timing cover removed.

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